Dropped Domains: What They Are & Why You'd Want One

The internet was conceptualized as a basic computer to computer connection in 1983. This primitive form of the internet is completely different from the internet we use today. Continuously connected smartphones, laptops and tablets have given everyone an opportunity to create a presence for themselves and their business online. While most people are aware of the ever growing popularity of personal blogs and websites, most people underestimate the power of personal branding and owning your name. There are over 876 million websites, with new websites being registered daily.

In the earliest days of the internet, creating a unique social presence was simple. You signed up for an email account, searched for a domain registrar to buy cheap domains, and made a terrible looking website with your photo on the homepage. Now, the internet is massive, and getting an email address that doesn't contain 19 various numbers after your name seems impossible. More hopeless than getting an email with your name is getting a domain with your name for your personal or business website.

What Is A Domain Name?

Domain names are used to represent a group of IP addresses. Like homes and businesses, websites have unique address. This makes it easy for computers to locate the exact website you requested. Also like homes and businesses, multiple websites cannot have the same address. The domain name of a website is what is typed into the address bar on a browser. For example: google.com or about.com.

How Do I Get A Domain Name?

Domains are purchased through a domain registrar. You'll start by entering a desired domain name and searching the domain registrar's index for that domain's availability. If the name you chose is somewhat generic, it may already be registered to someone else. If the domain name you chose is unregistered, you will be guided through the checkout and registration process. If the domain has previously been registered, you will be presented with options for purchasing an alternative domain. At this point, you can use one of the suggested domains, or you may want to consider some alternative methods for acquiring the domain name you want.

What Is A Dropped Domain?

The domain registrar you selected may offer some related discount domains, but there is no need to settle for a domain name that doesn't meet your needs. A reliable method for securing a domain more suited for your need is through a domain expiration indexing website. Expired domains are domains that have previously been registered by an owner who allowed the domain's registration to expire. When an owner of a domain fails to maintain the domain's registration, the domain is returned to the domain registrar and is now available to be resold.

How And Where Would You Obtain A Dropped Domain?

There are many cases where companies go out of business or individuals forget to renew domains they previously registered. Some of the first domains registered have been dropped and resold by the domain registrar as premium domains. There are a variety of websites that monitor expired domains. Many of these websites also provide resources for researching fair domain pricing, the legitimacy of a specific domain and archives of the website a specific domain was linked to. This information is valuable when selecting the best prices for dropped domains. Not every expired domain is worth the asking price, nor are all dropped domains priced equally.

Finding the right domain name for your website can be challenging, but monitoring domain expirations is a great way to obtain the domain name suitable for you.