Making Your Leftovers Magical

Most people only consider nutrition and food preparation shortly before they eat. There are more that 160,000 fast food restaurants in North America with more that 44% of people frequenting these places weekly. With the business of our everyday lives, it's becoming more and more difficult to prepare nutritious meals for ourselves and our families. There are several resources for advice on meal planning, the creative kitchen techniques, and sharing more dinners with your family; but what about the food left over after the meal? If you're like most people, you're not searching the internet for the latest leftovers recipe, but you may be searching for ideas to create a tasty new meal. By learning to use your leftovers, you can create a tasty new meal, save food and cut waste. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

A great way to use leftover chicken is with a buffalo style chicken pizza. All you'll need is your leftover chicken, some butter, shredded cheese, hot sauce, blue cheese dressing, and of course some pizza crust. All Recipes has a great recipe, but it's so simple you don't really need the entire recipe. 1. Combine your chicken, hot sauce and blue cheese dressing in bowl. Mix. 2. Spread melted butter, chicken, and shredded cheese on the pizza crust. 3. Bake in a preheated oven about 5-10 minutes. Slice and serve. 

Dinner is on the table in less than an hour, and you're officially the hero.

If you enjoy pasta, but have no idea what to do with your leftovers, try adding spinach and a lean meat to create a healthy and savory new dish. Use a bit of milk to soften and reheat your pasta. Chose a meat that works well with the flavors already used in the pasta to minimise wastage and save time. Adding spinach is always an excellent idea, because it absorbs the taste of the primary ingredient and it's very nutritious. Adding some freshly graded parmesan will give any pasta dish a delicious flavor and add a bit of texture to your meal. All Recipes has some great suggestions on working with leftover pasta. 

Creating great meals from your leftovers doesn't have to be a chore. Quite the opposite! The best part about using leftovers, is the hard work is already done. You're simply adding to a previously prepared meal. By using your leftovers, you're saving time, money and effort. Now, you'll have time, money and energy to do other things you enjoy!