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Free Printable: Live Well Planner Journaling Insert

Continuing with the health and fitness trend of the new year, I've created a wellness journaling insert for your planner. This insert is highly customizable. There is space to write in whatever you'd like. You can add custom section labels to the top of each box. You can also date this insert in a way that makes sense to you. So, you want to use it daily, weekly monthly or whatever, you can just put the appropriate date at the top. There's a section to put a positive thought or motivational quote. You can put whatever inspires you an dmakes you happy in that area. The goal is to stay positive and be happy. 

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Free Printable: Starry & Sweet Wellness Stickers

Health and fitness have become a huge part of my life. There are tons of health and fitness stickers out there, but I really wanted to focus on bringing something unique to the planner community. I got a lot of suggestions in the Plan A Healthy Life Facebook group on what type of stickers and printables I should create. I'm going to create as many sticker packs and printables as possible, so keep checking for updates. 

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The Beginners Guide To Bullet Journals & Bullet Journal Accessories

If you search the phrase bullet journal on Amazon, you’ll be met with a plethora of information, notebooks, pens, stencils and even clothing. It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out what you actually need to get started versus what are optional accessories. You may want to jump right into bullet journaling, but you’re not sure if it’s worth your time or money to invest into it. After reading this guide, you should have a clear understanding of what you need and what you don’t need. I’ll also provide some alternatives where applicable. So, let’s get started!

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Hot Air Balloon Weekly Step Tracker

In the spirit of getting fit for the new year, I've created this weekly step tracker. It has a whimsical hot air balloon theme with room for 7 days worth of tracking. This printable was inspired by this week's step challenge in the Plan A Healthy Life group and is available for all 3 Happy Planner sizes.  You can download the step tracker by visiting the Downloads page or by clicking the button below. 

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The New Happy Planners Are Coming! Here Are 50 Ways To Use A Planner

I'm always looking for reasons to buy new planners. (Yes, I'm aware that's not healthy, but hey, we all have our hobbies right?) Anyways, Heather made a video detailing all the ways you can use a planner. I suggest you go watch that right this second. She had me running to my local Micheals. I was just about to head out, and I had to literally stop myself. I can't buy any new planners until I get my hands on the new Happy Planner Girls line. You can watch Heather's video here

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My Etsy Shop ErynRochelleDesigns Is Now Open For Business!

I’m so happy to announce that my Etsy shop ErynRochelleDesigns is officially open for business! I’ll be selling a variety of digital downloads including posters, graphic design templates, planner accessories and other digital resources. I currently have a selection of 20 unique posters designed by me, and I do accept custom orders. This is only the beginning though. I’ll be adding new products regularly, and as always, you all will be able to send in your suggestions and design requests. I will set up a section with featured designs that were suggested to me if I implement them into the shop. This way, you all can see your ideas come to life. 

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How To Manage And Organize Free Printables

As a proud member of the planner community, I'm always looking for great free printables to add to my ever-growing collection of planners. I'm not against paying for my planner accessories. I love supporting all the great crafters and designers out there, but the cost of planner accessories can add up very quickly. For planner lovers, accessories are viewed as investments; but for people who are new to the planner community, planner accessories are viewed as overpriced stationary. This is why free printables are so important. They really help to lower the barrier to entry for people who may be interested in keeping a planner.

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Freebie FriYAY: The Candy Pop Printable Planner Cover

This week's freebie is the Candy Pop printable planner cover. Just in case you've already eaten your leftover Easter candy, I'm bring you guys more candy! This printable planner cover is filled with sweets and magic. Life really is sweet, and it should be enjoyed daily. I'm currently using this cover on my BIG Happy Planner, and I'm absolutely loving it! It really puts me in a great mood. 

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